Faux Windows Aid Relaxtion and Brighten Rooms Without Natural Light


Anglian Home Improvements offer you beautiful windows to enhance the glorious views from your home. At Sky Factory they make beautiful views for when you don’t have any natural light, and it comes with surprising health benefits!

Ruiz Residence Star Wars room

For rooms that aren’t bathed in any natural light, or where light is lacking, you can install a faux window or skylight to try and bring some natural-looking light to the room. Basements, under the stairs toilets, loft conversions or spare rooms may be in desperate need of brightening up and faux windows could be the answer.

US-based Sky Factory tend to install these products in commercial environments such as hospitals, schools or offices due to the physcological benefits relating to Biophilia. Before we figure out what that means though, let’s look at some of their previous work.

The Texier Residence Swimming pool beach view

ABC Cancer Center Skylight

Cahn Residence Whole Ceiling lightsBaylor Cancer Center Trickling stream window

Central Military Hospital Mountain view window

The company prides itself on creating ‘Illusions of Nature’, which have a great effect on the human mind, improving mood and promoting relaxation. These are not just static images either, you can get motion pictures from clouds drifting across the sky to the sea crashing against the shore.


Biophillia hypothesis is the connection humans have with nature after millions of years evolving with the natural world.

Sky Factory’s products are quite unique in the way that they provide ‘natural’ light and a view of nature at its best, from a trickling stream to clouds drifting past, into areas which otherwise would have no natural light or view. Over the last few decades research has been done to see if there is a link between these portals to nature and the productivity in employees, their general happiness, and also to see if it aids hospital patients’ recovery.

COSEM round ceiling light

According to this research, combining natural views with the commercial environment – even if they are artificial – helped reduce stress (this applies for home environments too), improved productivity in the workplace, and psychologically helped promote healing in hospital patients.

In 2011, Sky Factory were awarded Product Innovation Award by Architectural Products Magazine and this year they came out as the Jury Winner in the Product and Healthcare category of the Architizer’s awards.

The SkyCeilings designed with biophilic ‘Illusions of Nature’ are commonly built in hospitals worldwide  in radiology rooms as they help keep patients calm during what can often be a traumatic experience. The view of a blue sky and clouds passing over helps relax the patients during treatment.

When patients are in hospital and have sight of one of these biophilic illusions, it activates parts of the brain which enhances the patient’s capabilities to relax and in some scenarios reduce the pain of medications and their ailments. If they can aid a patients’ hospital experience and help them recover quicker, then surely these could become a standard in hospitals rooms without windows?

Although these shouldn’t be used to replace actual windows, as having real nature on the other side of a window pane is better, where light is sparse this type of product is an ideal addition to a room.

Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel Sea Creature windows

You can read more about Sky Factory and Biophillia here.