Europe’s Energy Efficiency Needs More Focus

By on 26th April in Home Inspiration

Responsible Energy for European Regions Report has claimed that the drive for energy efficiency needs to be focused on more than just home improvements. They suggest that energy efficiency measures should be implemented throughout the whole power chain, rather than just the end users, which I think is a perfectly valid point! Why should all of the energy efficiency be focused on us, when there are businesses out there who are not even trying to improve there efficiency.

Michele Sabban, president of the Assembly of European Regions, said that energy efficiency must also encompass use of fuel, water and land, in an interview with Renewable Energy Focus. Anglian Home Improvements is a company fully aware of this, and we don’t make a journey unnecessarily, we make sure we make each trip a worthwhile one.

“Regions are perfectly placed to implement energy efficiency initiatives; they offer unique resources that can drive the diverse energy mix required to support low-carbon energy,” he explained.

Although, he is stating that businesses and energy companies should be making their work places more efficient, we shouldn’t now overlook the importance of making our homes energy efficient. A village in Oxfordshire recently proved that you can reduce your energy usage with simple changes such as double glazed windows and solar panels, which reduced the energy usage by 25, a saving definitely worth taking advantage of!

Solar panels and Double glazing savings

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