Environmental Technologies Courses Invested In


The government is planning to make a series of new courses available to teach more people how to fit renewable technologies in the future.

£2.5 million will be given to the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technologies for the training of a variety of skills including how to install solar panels. This is all being done in the hope that industries will take these skilled workers on board and help push the UK to be the leading country reducing it’s carbon footprint.

By training people through with this course the government wants them to use it to design, install and maintain green techniques in homes and offices, creating a more eco-friendly environment for us to live in.

Solar panels are becoming a more popular choice of home improvement all thanks to the government’s feed-in-tariff, which reduces your energy bills and possibly brings you an income. This is especially true at the minute, with the state of the countries financial situation, people are improving rather than moving, trying to find ways to reduce their outgoings in every way possible.

Solar seems to be a natural progression, potentially earning around £750 a year through a combination of feed-in-tariff and reduced energy bills.

Environmental skills to be taught

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