Energy Savings Week – Tip 3

By on 20th October in Home Inspiration

Have you done your Home Energy Check yet? You never know how much you could save with a few improvements? I hope so because now its time for tip number 3!

Tip 3 – Turn down your Thermostat.

Hot thermostat

If you reduce the temperatue of your thermostat by 1°C, you can reduce your energy bill up to 10, which in a year could save you around £50.

Try not to heat your home when you are not there, it is energy being used for no reason. Instead, if you have a programmer, set it so that hot water and heating comes on when you are going to use it. This can also help reduce your energy bills.

What else may help to increase your energy efficiency, is to check what temperature your boiler is set to. The correct temperature for it to be set at is 60°C/140°F.

Are we all trying these tips? Why not try turning your thermostat down and see if it makes a difference to your next bill?

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