Energy ratings for your Doors and Windows

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At Anglian we always strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products that will help them save money and energy and contribute to a reduction in global warming.

A report from the NHBC Foundation has revealed that consumers like the idea of low energy homes but need to be trained to make the most of the new technology they use.

The report recommended that “clear instructions and even training should be given to new home owners to ensure that they are able to understand and make the most of cost savings available, especially regarding heating their properties”.

Before we had central heating, draft excluders and any other assistance to keep us warm, it was said that a bit of fresh air did not do us any harm.  It helped to keep the bugs at bay and keep us healthy. Years ago this was obviously not considered a problem; houses were built with available materials, not really with any thought to insulation.  However, as time has moved on, materials have improved, styles have changed and it is suggested that this problem could now arise.

According to a recent article ‘Addressing the concerns of overheating in new homes’ from Neil Smith, Group Research and Innovation Manager, NHBC commented that: “As new homes become more energy efficient and constructed to achieve higher levels of air-tightness, the issue of overheating becomes ever more crucial.  Not only is overheating a potential risk to health, but the discomfort of living in an overheated house could lead to occupants offsetting the energy efficiency of their home by using fixed or portable air conditioning units.”

However, if you spend a little time understanding how your home work’s, what energy rating labels mean, we are sure this will help you to have better control of your household expenses.

After spending a few minutes reading and trying to understand the energy efficiency label on my new fridge-freezer, I started by looking at our own energy labels and ensure that I understood how new windows would help gain and retain heat in my home.

The energy ratings label is designed to be clearly understood. At a glance you should be able to tell how well the windows will insulate your home.

Below is a brief guide and explanation of what the information boxes display?  Starting on the left side of the label

Thermal Transmittance: The rate of heat transfer from one side of the window to the other.  The lower the better.

Solar Factor: The amount of heat gain from sunlight that passes through the glass.  This is the most important factor, the lower the better.

Air Leakage: A low number relates to low leakage levels, so again – the lower the better.

Window Energy rating Eco Retain

Looking down the right side of the label,

Energy Rating Level: Recognisable traffic light system allows windows to be easily compared.  A is good, G is bad.

Energy Index: This shows the amount of energy the window will save  – a positive figure –  or lose  – a negative one.

U Value: The amount of heat loss through the window.  The lower the better.  Building regulations state this must be no worse that 1.6.


In April, Anglian launched the new energy efficient doors range and has since added new styles to the collection.  Every product in the range comes with an energy efficiency rating of ‘B’ or above.  This means they help save you money on your energy bills and make a difference to the drafts from the front door in the hallway.

Door rating label


With safety and security topping the list of our customers’ concerns, our design teams pride themselves on raising standards and consistently introduce new product features that make our systems perform more efficiently to save you money.

So, when you’re trying to decide if you are too warm in your home, turn the heating down and save money on your bills then look to what other changes you can make to your home to improve the quality of your lifestyle.
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