Energy efficient gadgets – Part 2

By on 26th October in Home Inspiration

Not all energy efficient gadgets are as exciting or glamorous as the technologies mentioned in the first installment of our energy efficient gadgets blog. However, they can be instrumental in boosting the energy efficiency of your household. For example, the average UK household spends over £35 a year powering electronic goods left on standby.

You can plug your television or computing equipment into a standby socket, which can be used with a timer or a simple off switch to save you cash. The electronic villain most commonly left on standby is the household TV. A standby socket is not the only measure that can be taken in order to reduce the energy consumed by your telly. This simply comes down to your preference of device. For instance, a SD (Standard Density) television tends to have fewer pixels per square inch than an HD (High Density) television and therefore uses less energy. Choosing a smaller SD set may reduce your energy consumption, but there is naturally a trade-off with the quality of the picture you are likely to receive. When considering a new TV, always look for the ESTR (Energy Saving Trust Recommended) logo to ensure you are purchasing the most energy efficient model available on the market

There is also a range of products available that can reduce your dependency on mains electricity by turning to alternative sources of energy. The HY-Mini Hand Held Wind Generator harnesses the power of anything from a light breeze to a strong gust. You can attach it to the handlebars of your bike, your car windows or even to your arm whilst out and about. It also has the obvious advantage over solar power in that it is able to charge over night.

Water power can also be introduced as a viable alternative for fuelling some of the smaller gadgets in your home. The Water Power Can Clock lasts between six months and a year before it needs to be refilled. Solar power is also going portable. The pick of the solar powered bunch for technology fans is the Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad. Not only does it feature a QWERTY keyboard, it is also able to provide up to two years of battery life for the keypad through solar power panels on both the front and reverse of the case. As tablets become more and more popular, this gadget seems sure to enjoy success.

The final step in decking out your house with eco-friendly electronic goods could perhaps be called the Holy Grail in energy efficiency, the energy monitor. Although it doesn’t do anything to reduce your consumption in itself, it is the most effective tool for monitoring how much energy you are using. One of the sleekest designs available is the DIY Kyoto Wattson. The Wattson glows red when you are using a lot of energy and blue when you are using a little. If this message is not clear enough, the display shows exactly how much you will pay annually based on your current usage.

From the remote control thermostat, to the standby socket, there are a number of offerings on the market that allow you to enjoy the advances in human technology while simultaneously reducing your negative impact on both the environment and your energy bills.

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