Energy Bills Cause Fear and Confusion

By on 2nd November in Home Inspiration

There is mass uncertainty in the country as the current economy is in bad shape, and with fuel bills doubling according to industry experts, it is no surprise we are confused about the best deals.

In a recent blog about consumer group Which? investigating 6 energy companies to see how clear they are at giving you the best deal and advice, they found they were not very clear. What was offered to them was not always the best deal for the customer and information was missed, e.g. a charge to switch etc. No wonder there is a lack of consumer confidence after these findings.

Worried couple

The government has now decided to work with Ofgem to bring more choice to the energy market, Gillian Guy, chief executive at Citizens Advice, explained that homeowners are confused about what is on offer and worried about rising costs.

There are over 400 energy tariffs available, which will obviously cause a lot of confusion for customers. With so many offers out there, it is hard to make the best choice. This is where Which? investigated to see if the energy companies themselves could help you make the best choice for your home.

As the energy companies have continued to hike up prices, the Citizens Advice website has had double the amount of customers looking for information about fuel bills since September. This again demonstrates the uncertainty that lies in this market at present, and something we need to try to either adjust to or change. Do we think the energy companies will be lowering their prices though?

The government is planning on sorting this out by making the energy market more transparent, with the hope that by doing this we can find the most beneficial offers. With this in mind hopefully we can start to save money over the winter months, but in the mean time what are other options available to save energy and money?

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