EcoGain is Technically Better

By on 6th May in Home Inspiration

Anglian Home Improvements are continuously looking to “raise the standard” so it comes as no surprise that we have launched one of the most energy-efficient windows yet; that has the potential to save you hundreds of pounds a year!

The A-rated EcoGain window is our most efficient because it is technically better. The development team have slaved away day and night to create the EcoGain window; improving the smallest details to give you the biggest savings.

With windows you have an energy rating, very similar to one you get on white goods and with this comes many different factors. The 3 key factors are, the thermal transmittance (U-value), the solar factor (G-value) and the air leakage (L-Value). Thermal transmittance is measuring how good the window is at preventing heat loss, the lower the value, the lower the heat loss.

The solar factor is measuring the amount of heat gained from sunlight passing through the glass and the air leakage measures how air tight the window is.

The renowned B-rated EcoRetain window already offers  superb performance, but at Anglian we are constantly innovating and perfecting our products, which is why although there is zero air leakage from them, we wanted to take it to the next level.

So, to make the EcoGain window, we gave them our high quality Ultra 2 sealed units, the same used to create zero leakage in the EcoRetain, but upgrading key features to create a more efficient window. The Clearline spacer bar, which is unique to Anglian improved the sealed units further, not just aesthetically, but also by reducing the thermal bridging effect; that transfers cold from the outside to the inside through the fabric of the window.

And finally, to make this the most energy efficient window by Anglian ever, we use a glazing system that incorporates low iron glass in the outside pane, which increases the amount of energy gain from sunlight significantly. By doing this, the amount of heat passing through your window increases, meaning you can turn down your thermostat and saving vital pounds throughout the year!

Bet you didn’t think you could get a window that heated your home!

EcoGain window

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