Cost of running our home decreases

By on 17th November in Home Inspiration

The cost of running a property has decreased by almost 14 in the last two years according to a study by Sainsbury’s Home Insurance.

In 2008 the average cost was £9,324, but that has decreased to a more manageable £8,059, over £1000 savings, a good holiday for me! 🙂

This is apparently due to the decrease in the price of gas and electricity, meaning we are spending less to power our homes. Also I think the ever increasing demand for renewable energy may be having an effect too.

House with Double Glazing

Statistics show that since 2008 electricity costs have decreased 5.91, whilst gas has declined by 9.01, leaving more money in our pockets to b spent elsewhere.

Recent figures from the Energy Saving Trust have indicated that by installing double glazed windows you can save up to £130 off you annual energy bill.

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