Conservatories May Require More Planning?

By on 15th February in Home Inspiration

I am sure most of us are fully aware of how stressful sorting out a conservatory is, but there is ongoing plans by the Law Society to make changes to the planning system within the localism bill, possibly lengthening the process further.

The changes are being made to try to prevent people abusing their planning permissions, so the Law Society is warning consumers to take extra precautions if this bill is passed, to reduce the risk of their extension being delayed.

If the bill is introduced there could be an increased risk of incurring considerable expense, which could even lead to purchasers and providers having to take out insurance against any unknown potential liability.

Although this may seem bad news for most people, at Anglian we are not worried at all, as we sort out the planning permission, infact we will do all of the work from start to finish, giving you peace of mind that you are in safe, reliable hands.

An Anglian White Knight Victorian Conservatory

The potential update to the localism bill comes at a time when house sales are at an all time low, with banks not lending as much and the state of the current economy has forced an increase in home improvements, such as extending your home. Be it through a panoramic extension, conservatory or even a garage conversion whichever you decide to pursue, ensure you have the right team working for you!

Anglian Home Improvements supporting you throughout our installations. Visit our website for more information on an Anglian conservatory.

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