Climate Week – Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!


As it is Climate Change Week, the blog team at Anglian have decided to give you ideas on how you can do your bit to reduce your carbon footprint!

Global warming is becoming an ever bigger problem, so it is our responsibility to try to tackle this head on. Should the earth continue to heat up, we run the risk of the polar ice caps melting, leading to an increase in sea level. According to the National Snow and Ice Data Centre if all the glaciers melted today, the sea would rise 230 ft!!

Obviously this won’t happen all at once, but it will have a detrimental effect as it slowly melts away. Be it on our eco systems or weather systems, the effects will be detrimental.

However, we can change this through a few simple tips, so tune in every day to see what we have to help you reduce climate change.

1 – Eat less meat

I didn’t realise this until the other day, but cattle are one of the largest producers of methane gas, which contributes to global warming.If everyone ate more vegetables and less meat, farmers would have to farm fewer cattle, which in turn would result in less methane gas.

A well-known fast food chain, sells nearly 6.5 million burgers each day!! If we can reduce this by half it would have a massive effect on the amount of cattle slaughtered and used for meat, which would then reduce the amount of methane. It is estimated that the average cow emits 100 – 200 litres of methane a day!! You don’t want to stand near a cow for too long!

Cow gives off methane

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