Clearline Glazing, exclusive to Anglian Home Improvements

By on 17th August in Home Inspiration

In modern sealed-unit double glazing, most heat loss occurs through the spacer bar, which separates the two panes of glass. Anglian Home Improvements’ revolutionary new Clearline Spacer Bar™ reduces heat loss, improves durability and enhances the appearance of the window, as well as the view.

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Top: A conventional aluminium spacer bar loses heat Above:




Anglian’s Clearline Spacer Bar™ improves thermal efficiency:





Conventional aluminium spacer bars have two ‘thermal bridges’, which lose valuable heat. The unique Clearline Spacer Bar from Anglian only has one ‘thermal bridge’ – or piece of metal – joining the two panes of glass.

This dramatically improves the thermal efficiency of the complete window, making your home even more comfortable in the winter, as well as saving you money and helping the environment. With this innovative new product, Anglian is able to offer a ‘B rating’ as standard on its casement windows. With its black finish and U-shape design, the Clearline Spacer Bar eliminates the normally visible and unsightly appearance of silver aluminium spacer bars, making your view more aesthetically appealing. What’s more, with the Clearline Spacer, it is the U-channel rather than the sealant that expands and contracts, enhancing the structural integrity of the sealant and the overall performance of the already excellent sealed unit.

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