Christmas Plants – Living Christmas Decorations

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It is the last few weeks before Christmas and many of you are yet to struggle with man-handling an over-sized living Christmas decoration into your home. “What?!” I hear you say – it’s a Christmas tree of course!

With its wonderful fresh pine scent that wafts through our homes and stimulates and associates our senses with the festive season, one problem we may have is where is the tree going to stand?

We may spend time deliberating on its location and height; will it stand in the sitting room away from the radiator to help prevent it from dropping its needles or will it stand in the conservatory?   For many of us we have family traditions as to when and where we buy the tree, what day it arrives in our homes and who gets to decorates it.

Pointsettia - RHS

Image from the RHS of a Pointsettia

The story of the Christmas tree has a fascinating history, dating back to the 15th century in Northern Germany with the style of the tree changing little over the years.

However, decorations have changed greatly, with the trees originally being decked with fruit, nuts and ribbon through to the modern day where they are adorned with brightly coloured baubles, tinsel and chocolates.

In the 18th century trees were lit by wax candles on their branches, but with us all conscious of fire safety, they have been replaced by twinkly Christmas lights in a variety of colours.

Christmas Cactus from

Image from

 No tree top is properly dressed without either a star, which represents the Star of Bethlehem or an angel which represents a host of angels.  There are many traditions set in history from all over the world and we are sure that wherever you live, you will have yours. What do you have on the top of your tree, an angel or a star?

For those of us with limited space in our homes or not being able to accommodate a large tree standing in the corner of our rooms, why not consider other traditional festive plants used during the season instead of the usual tree?

Christmas Rose - Helleborus

 Image from

 Poinsettia – with its wonderful red flowers, it is originally from Mexico and was a symbol of purity of the ancient Aztecs Tribes. The flowers have been used in decorations over many years as its blooming season coincides with Christmas.  The plant with its vibrant red flowers makes a lovely feature as a table decoration and brightens any room.

Christmas cactus – sometimes knows as the Holiday cactus originated from Brazil.  With trailing stems of flowers in white, pink and red it gives a lovely display and can be used in hanging baskets.

Christmas rose – originally from tropical areas of Asia, it blooms during the winter and is also known in parts of the world as the “winter rose” or the “snow rose”.

With all of these plants there are a number of colours, that will brighten any home.

Which one will you choose?


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