British Gas Profits Fall

By on 5th March in Home Inspiration

They may have increased their prices by 24.9 between 2010 and present, but the energy company has reported profits are down by 30 in the last year.

British Gas have only made a profit of £522 million for last year, claiming the warmer Spring, Autumn and Winter led to a reduction in gas use. They say that gas usage was down a fifth, whilst electricity usage took a 4 decrease last year.

British Gas made less profit in the last year

Some of this slide may be due to customer’s switching, research by consumer group Uswitch suggests that the main reason behind consumers switching companies was because of the price increases. The average household energy bill increased to £1,286 a year since 2010.

Although British Gas recently cut the price of electricity by 5, it has not prevented them losing 97,000 customers during 2011.

Uswitch’s study found that 71 of people went without heating during the winter months as the cost of heating was too high. People chose to wrap up indoors, rather than turn the heating on.

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