BESW Children’s energy Booklet

By on 18th October in Home Inspiration

It is Big Energy Saving Week (BESW), it is a week where we all try to use less energy than normal; be it by turning the thermostat down a degree, buying energy efficient lightbulbs or cycling to work. These are all things that we can do as educated adults, but are our children as educated about being energy efficient and the possible outcomes from being inefficient?

Well, we have come up with the perfect solution that helps educate your little ones with a variety of fun games and puzzles. Aimed at children between the ages of 4 & 6, the Energy Smart Kids Booklet covers thermal imagery showing house heat loss, new ways to travel efficiently, solar energy, where energy is used in your home and how to use less.

How do you get hold of one of these educational puzzle books you say? It is very easy and free; simply click here to go to our Big Energy Saving Week page and download your Energy Smart Kids Booklet.

Anglian Energy Smart Kids Booklet

Anglian Energy Smart Kids Booklet


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