Behind the scenes with Anglian Photovoltaic


This is a quick guide to how Anglian’s Photovoltaic technology works within the home.  Anglian’s photovoltaic system features highly efficient, reliable solar panels which will increase the energy options and efficiency of the home.

Houses without a photovoltaic system will continue to be solely reliant on the National Grid therefore be directly effected by the continuing rising fuel prices and current economic climate, not helped by British Petroleum’s well publicised continuing problems.

By installing an Anglian solar electricity system you will be, over time, the beneficiary of the following:

«       Helping set a standard, legacy of environmental living for future generations

«       Reducing your carbon emissions and impact on the environment

«       Opportunity to generate income through the Feed In Tariff (FIT)

Below is a Schematic illustrating how Photovoltaic technology works;

 Solar electricity meter


The panels attached to your roof will contain photovoltaic cells. These cells are made from two layers of silicon manufactured from pure sand. When sunlight shines on the cells they create electric currents, which are harnessed as DC power and converted by an inverter to AC power; ready to be used in your home via your fuse box.

Did you know that a solar electricity system 380km by 380km could provide all of the world’s electricity needs?

You probably won’t want to go this far, but! With solar panels on your home, you could be harnessing the sun’s energy for free; powering your home hence saving you money.

Keep an eye on the blog for more solar related posts, next up: Solar Thermal – heating your hot water from the sun’s rays. We will also be launching a solar website soon with bundles of information for you to get your teeth into; so watch this space!

Anglian Home Improvements no longer offer solar panels.

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