Bath Continues To Go Green

By on 12th January in Home Inspiration

Do you remember a blog from last year about a project taking place in Bath? Homes in the London Road and Snow Hill districts invited residents to help find ways to improve the energy efficiency of historic homes in the area.

Well that has now taken place, and plans have been drawn up to make homes in the London Road area, more energy efficient. The majority of houses on the road are listed buildings, so trying to reduce the cost of energy bills through home improvement measures is proving difficult.

Bath Preservation Trust has drawn up proposals, which they want to discuss with the people living in the local area. Residents and businesses have already been encouraged to fill in home energy audits covering topics such as heating, lighting and draughts. The residents of the area will not only be told the proposals, but also be given advice and their own personal action plans outlining simple measures that can be implemented to save energy.

BathImage sourced from; Flickr

Energy bills have been steadily rising in recent months and if you are living in a listed building, it can be trickier getting permission to add energy efficient methods. With a listed building you have to try to keep the buildings original features as much as possible, and improvements should be disguised or subtle helping maintain the structural integrity of the historic buildings.

Conservation officer Joanna Robinson told the Bath Chronicle, “We wanted to raise awareness of how features of the local environment and the potential for improvement within this gateway neighbourhood can inform the approaches to tackling climate change, and I think we’ve made a great start.”

One method that may be viable through Anglian Home Improvements would be secondary glazing for your beautiful historic home. Secondary glazing will help reduce your energy bills modestly, also helping to block out unwanted noise and preventing any drafts. By installing this you can improve your homes thermal efficiency without sacrificing your homes historic aesthetics.


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