Bad News As Energy And Food Prices rise!

By on 17th January in Home Inspiration

Just as everyone is feeling the pinch of the Christmas spend, energy firm E.ON have announced a 9 electricity price increase and 3 gas price increase, and to punish us further stats show food prices are continuing to rise at a higher rate than our wages.

E.ON is the fifth of the “big six” energy firms to announce an increase in there prices, which will effect 4.3 million people adding £62 annually onto your bill! The German companie’s reasoning is the same as the other firms. “The cost of buying gas on the wholesale market”.

The inflation of the price in the wholesale market is having a knock-on effect to us, the consumers, forcing many people to budget or take out improvements on their homes to lower the running costs.

However, these improvements can be made, but to really add insult to injury, the British Retail Consortium says that food prices are continuing to rise. First we have to watch the thermostat, now we have to kerb our weekly spend food shopping!

Our wages have only increased by 2 in the last year, whilst food costs have gone up 4, meaning if you spend £100 a week, you will now have to find an extra £208 a year to put dinner on the table. I think I will plant that money tree tonight!

This comes just as petrol prices continue to rocket, train fares leaping up, and the governments VAT increase causing more stress for the majority of the country.

Price increases (not accurate)

Experts claim that as we continue to invest in a greener future, due to the spending to create a carbon neutral country, households bills are going to increase at a higher rate than our salaries, creating fuel poverty and misery for millions of families. claims that the margin between how much an energy firm is paying for gas against the price we are being charged has risen by more than 200 since 2008! To me that is a disgusting amount of profit for these companies and seems we are being taken advantage of.

A bit of relief is that supermarkets seem to be trying their hardest to compete with each other for our custom with great offers, which effectively help to maintain our current food bills.

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