Are We Interested In Ecohomes?

By on 16th March in Home Inspiration

The question on everybody’s lips in the housing industry is whether people are interested in ecohomes or not? Well, a recent survey by NHBC Foundation has found that people who own ecohomes are very satisfied with them, and would find it difficult to move back to an older house.


In recent years, strict building regulations have been put in place, which has lead to building an ecohome being a gamble, with no guarantee that you would have anybody interested. You do not want to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on building a home that is highly energy efficient, for no-one to purchase it.

Initial homebuyer surveys suggested there was little interest in the design and concept of ecohomes, but this trend is beginning to shift in wake of energy companies hiking up their prices. Everybody is a lot more energy conscious now, so having a home that naturally reduces these bills is surely more appealing to us all?

The survey discovered that the ecohome owners were very pleased with how easy it was to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the house, and even happier with the reduction in their bills. This happiness was supported by the fact that only one third of homeowners were happy with their regular homes, but two thirds were happy living in their ecohome.

More and more ecohomes are now popping up across the country, including Somerset, where homes are being built to retain heat and have no boiler or radiators to heat the home. They are keeping warm simply through heat from appliances, body heat and through solar gain, working in the same way Anglian’s EcoGain windows work, allowing more of the sun’s energy to enter and none to leave. The other method used to heat the home is through a traditional woodburner, reminiscent of the old cottages once built.

As more of these homes are built, the more interest is building around them, as Gareth Anwyl of Hamptons International told “of the 300 people that visited the ecohomes they built recently, many of the visitors were there to get a feel for the type of house it is, as well as coming to terms with the technology.”

What are your views on ecohomes? Would you be interested in living in an ecohome? Do you live in an ecohome? We would love to hear from YOU, so please leave a comment in the panel below.

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