Anglian Conservatories can withstand over 100mph wind speeds

By on 6th November in Home Inspiration

Did anyone see Grand Designs Episode 2 on Channel 4 last week? They were in the Isle of Skye, Scotland, with Indi Waterstone and her partner Rebecca, who had always dreamed of building her own house and having a lawn on the roof. They chose to build it on the scenic Isle of Skye overlooking the sea; it looked like Lord of the Rings could’ve been filmed there, it was absolutely stunning.

The bit that interested me most, as we are a double glazing company, was when they installed the windows and doors. These windows and doors were made by a Scandinavian company as the house would have to put up with savage weather which will challenge the house on a daily basis. Winds could regularly be up to 100 mph, so the windows and doors needed to be air tight and able to survive these winds.

These windows and doors were installed by a dedicated Scottish team who did a fantastic job, sealing the house like an airlock on a spaceship. It was a job that required precision and although it was time consuming they fitted perfectly and the whistling wind could no longer be heard or felt in the house. The numerous layers of insulation also helped their home retain heat, helping it meet Stroma‘s strict regulations for air tightness, using a giant fan to suck air out of the house to measure how sealed it is. The closer to zero the more air tight it is – the house came in at 1.4, which was very good!

So, these windows and doors can handle blustering winds, which got me thinking about our product. Did you know our conservatories can take 130mph winds in their stride? The video below demonstrates one of our conservatories being battered by wind, whilst a conservatory not built by Anglian and not meeting the British Standard BS6399 standard has a very tough time. I wouldn’t want to be the owner of one of those.

So, not only will our conservatories look stunning on your home, they can also survive some brutal weather!

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