An eco-friendly hotel cuts carbon emissions with double glazing.

By on 11th November in Home Inspiration

A hotel that invested in new energy efficient double glazing has dramatically reduced their heating bills according to one website.

double glazing spoke to the Royal Sportsman’s chef Louis Naudi who said the eco-friendly improvements have helped the establishment stick to its energy-efficient ethos.

“Double glazing the whole hotel has meant that it is warmer in winter and I have been able to turn down the boiler thermostat as well and reduce our gas consumption,” he said.

Since the hotel has seen the benefits from the new double glazing  the hotel owners are considering investigating other alternatives starting with ways to save electricity.

Other measures the establishment has put in place to reduce its energy output include making sure all washing loads are full and using low-energy light bulbs.

Sanford Walk in New Cross south-east London, which is a collective of 14 co-operatively owned houses and flats, has used double glazing as part of its eco-friendly housing designs.

Anglian Home Improvements recently launched a National Window Scrappage Scheme aimed at helping people improve their homes efficiency while reducing their fuel bills.

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