A Conservatory Built to Withstand All Weather Conditions, Including Snow

By on 15th January in Home Inspiration

With the Great British weather ever changeable the topic of conversation when we meet people in the street always reverts to the weather. So why should we be any different? This morning large parts of the country have woken up to varying amounts of snow.

What better way of watching the weather from inside your conservatory?  Why go out into the cold when you can sit in the warmth of the room and benefit from all the light lifting your winter blues just as if you were sitting outside? An ideal place to sit and stay warm while the kids play around in the cold and build a snowman in the garden if you have enough snow where you are.


Anglian Conservatory


Weather forecasts are predicting more snow to come this winter. If you are the proud owner of an Anglian conservatory or considering one this year, it should come as a great comfort to know that our conservatories are constructed with a unique roofing system, designed in accordance with British Standards BS6399, to withstand extreme weather conditions including snow.

If you are unaware, the British Standards Authority sets manufacturing guidelines and minimum standards that a conservatory should be designed and constructed to.  Without a British Standards mark the conservatory might not be as sturdy as you think, so be careful and choose wisely



British Standards Kitemark

British Standard Kite Mark


As you will undoubtedly be aware, the country and individual regional areas have been subjected to extreme weather conditions on many occasions.  To ensure that Anglian have the right conservatory roof design for a region and where you live, we use a special computer programme.  By entering your postcode into the system it checks that the roof design for your location in the country can withstand a number of environmental factors.


Anglian Conservatory


The strength of the roof is a vital factor in the construction of our conservatories and makes it a unique feature.   When the Great British weather is unpredictable  it is very reassuring to know that the roof has been designed to be load-bearing to cope with heavy snow falls, strong winds and heavy rain.

If you would like to see what happens when a conservatory roof  has not been built and designed to the BS6399 standard, take a look at  this video.

We are sure that this will give you the reassurance you need when choosing an Anglian conservatory that you have made the right choice.

We hope that you enjoy the snow when it eventually reaches you whether you are inside or outside!

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