7 Video Games That Showcase The Best In Interior Design

By on 16th October in Home Inspiration

When many think of video games, the first thing that springs to mind is either shooting, blood and gore or fantasy worlds where the players dress up and attend conventions. However, they can be (and often are) so much more than that – they can offer escapism, be pieces of art and even be a learning tool for children.

Some of them even know a thing or two about interior design. We’ve put together a list of some the best interior designs in video games, some created by clever people in game studios, others that you actually create yourself.

The Sims

This is probably the best place to start. The Sims lets you become your very own designer, creating absolutely everything around your home. You can build your own house from scratch, choose the wallpaper, carpet, furniture and even soft furnishings. You then expand your home as your Sim earns more money. You also have to make your Sim go to the toilet and do the dishes, though, so it’s not all building and designing, unfortunately.

Interior design in The Sims

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Assassin’s Creed Unity

The Assassin’s Creed franchise of video games is known for taking trips around various points in history, and this 2014 release takes us back to the French Revolution. Anyone who knows their history will tell you that this is when the poor rose up against the elite, and the game lets us see where those elite lived with huge opulent mansions full of grandiose ballrooms and decadent staircases.

Interior design in Assassin's Creed Unity

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Animal Crossing is a little like The Sims in that you essentially create the world in which you live, except it’s full of talking dogs, rhinos, hippos and various other anthropomorphic creatures. In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, you receive requests from fellow villagers who want you to design their home or garden with a specific theme. All sounds fairly straightforward until they ask you for a room designed like a NASA control room. Seriously.

Interior design in Animal Crossing


The Bioshock series of games is pretty twisted but it does feature some absolutely stunning design and structures. The first in the series is set in a future underwater world, called Rapture, full of neon and art deco-esque architecture. Granted, it might not be somewhere you’d want at home, but it’s nonetheless impressive, and fearless in its desire to cover every room in monochrome linoleum flooring.

Interior design in Bioshock

In terms of architecture, Bioshock Infinite, the third game in the series, is also spectacular.

Architecture in Bioshock Infinite

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Grand Theft Auto V

The Grand Theft Auto series is pretty polarising. You have those who absolutely love it and those who despise everything it stands for. However, what can’t be disputed is its technical prowess, and that extends to its interiors.

Set in a faux Los Angeles, there are plenty of swanky houses and apartments to frequent complete with swimming pools, huge glass windows and garages big enough for a fleet of fast cars. It makes for a nice distraction from all that villainy that goes on. Get those rooms on Pinterest.

Interior design in Grand Theft Auto V

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is set in the mid-1980s and the attention to detail to bringing that world to life is staggering. Walking around the fictitious village of Yaughton, you’ll feel like you really are in the Shropshire countryside, and taking a wander inside the houses is just as detailed.

Anyone who lived during the 1980s will no doubt recognise a lot of the interior design, and although it might not be the most exciting period for design, the level of detail is to be applauded.

Interior design in Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

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Mirror’s Edge

In almost total polar opposite to the previous entry, free-running game Mirror’s Edge’s interior design is vibrant and futuristic. Its interiors (mostly offices) juxtapose whites with bright greens, yellows, blues and oranges that make the game as much a visual experience as anything else. We’re not sure we could work anywhere quite as headache-inducing but it makes for a pretty unique interior design nonetheless.

Interior design in Mirror's Edge

Are you a video game fan? If you have any other examples of interior design in video games then let us know in the comments.

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