6 inspirational ways to make your white interior doors less boring

By on 28th August in Home Inspiration

In most modern homes, you are very likely to find plain, white doors. These might be suitable for most homes but for some they can be painfully boring. If you are into interior design and want to make your doors more of a talking point, check out these six inspirational ways to make your white interior doors less boring.

 Chalk board doors

Chalk board door. Find more ideas at Good to be Home Perfect for kitchens, children’s bedrooms and playrooms, a chalk board door is a great way for kids to get creative, without doing so all over your beautiful, newly painted walls. They can also be suitable for kitchens to write notes to other family members to remind them to do certain jobs or write the shopping list upon.

When it’s not being used for reminders, you can add quotes to inspire the rest of your family in fancy writing to make it a piece of artwork like the image to the left.

Artwork doors

Artwork Door - Monochrome - Find more ideas at Good to be HomeIf you are good with a paint brush, then a great way to show off your skills in your  home is to use your plain white doors as a blank canvas. You could paint anything you wish, such as your favourite TV character or cartoon, or even a more abstract painting. You could also paint your door in colours that you love or will match the theme you are running through your house.


Material used instead of door. Discover more inspiration doors at Good to be Home.Instead of a traditional white wooden door, how about removing your white door altogether and replacing it with a long drape, like you can see in the image to the left. You can choose materials that best describe your personality, or complements the room. Depending on the size of your door frame, you could have a drape either side or just one on the left or right that pulls across when you want more privacy.

Book shelf/hidden doorway

A hidden door. Find more inspirational door ideas at Good to be HomeWe think this door or bookshelf, depending on what you want to call it, is really cool! If you want to create a secret doorway, maybe to an office or your garage, this is the perfect way to do so. It is also a brilliant space saver.

If you’ve not got space to put a book shelf, then this not only makes a much more interesting door than your current white one, but also gives you space that you thought you didn’t have to put all of your books. For this one, you’d have to make sure the shelves were deep and that you opened the door with care.

Barn sliding doors
Sliding Barn Doors. Discover more inspiration door ideas at Good to be Home

The perfect interior door idea for a country home, this fantastic idea boasts real character. Set against grey walls, it creates a beautiful, contemporary look. The wooden pallets help to create a barn-type vibe that helps to country-fy modern homes – ideal if you’ve recently moved to the city and miss the relaxing countryside atmosphere.

Recycled wardrobe doors

Recycled wardrobe doors. Find more inspirational interior doors at Good to be Home Re-create The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe idea with a pair of vintage mirrored wardrobe doors to add an unusual but beautiful look to your home. Not only do they make the room look expensive and grand, they are also useful for checking your hair looks good or make-up is looking tip-top before entering a room.

Do you have any other ideas on how to make your white interior doors less boring? Let us know in the comments below.

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