5 Ways to Make Your Interior Design Look More Expensive

By on 15th April in Home Inspiration

Many homeowners – us included – strive for a property that looks costlier than the furniture and ornaments that reside within it. Fortunately, when it comes to interior design, there are plenty of hacks that can be used to achieve a luxurious look for less.

Whether it’s taking a Pinterest-worthy picture and reinventing it with budget-friendly furniture, or adding a lick of paint to existing items, our tips will instantly add value to the appearance of your home.

Light Colours Look Luxurious


Neutral colours ooze elegance and expense, as well as make a room appear bigger.

When it comes to updating costly items – like floors, fixtures and furniture – consider choosing lighter shades, then adding bolder tones with accessories.

If you prefer richer coloured walls, ensure furnishings are paler, to balance out the room.

Tiles are also a good option for creating a minimal, costly look. If you have the budget, consider interspersing dashes of colour throughout a wall with a second tile design or colour.

Add Texture

Texture the walls to make them look more expensive

Use strips of moulding to add texture to walls. This budget-friendly technique, known as picture-framing, draws the eyes to certain areas. The trick is to keep spaces even and the edges aligned, to achieve a symmetrical look.

Extend this texture further by embellishing the area around a light fixture. Attach a lightweight, polyurethane ceiling medallion for an inexpensive, affluent feel.

Upgrade Your Lights

Modern Living RoomLights can have a significant impact on the look and feel of a room.

The improvements you opt for will depend on your budget, but generally, the bolder and more sophisticated, the better.

Modern chandeliers can be a focal point in any room – even bathrooms – especially if put in a central place, like above the dining table.

If a new fixture is out of budget, simply replace your lampshades with something more exciting.

Doors Are Important

As with lights, the impact doors can have on a room is incredible; an upgrade often immediately transforming your space into something more modern and pricey-looking.

If your doors look a little tired, consider updating them. If this is out of budget, paint them. Believe it or not, painting your doors black can instantly make a space look costlier, especially if the room is full of lighter tones. Don’t forget to add a few black accessories to the room too, to ensure it matches.

For smaller rooms, consider space-saving doors that slide or fold. This will declutter the space and allow for a minimal – and therefore pricier – appearance.

Learn to Accessorise

Relaxing bathroomA simple way to give your room a luxury feel is to ensure accessories match.

If you’ve accumulated random decorative items throughout the years – including mismatched ornaments and random Christmas gifts – think about replacing some of these.

Coordinating pieces gives a space a polished, tidy – and more expensive- look. This process applies to all rooms, so ensure that items in the bathroom complement each other too (think soap dish and toothbrush holder).

Pillows can instantaneously imply something is more expensive than it is. Designers often recommend opting for large cushions – at least 18 inches – and stuffing larger pillows into cases a few inches smaller.

Achieving a lavish looking home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A little smoke and mirrors – the latter, sometimes literally – can enable your interior design to ooze luxury, without the added expense.

Time and budget will dictate whether your efforts simply involve a little re-accessorising, or complete redecoration, but even the smallest changes can help you accomplish a costly and cosy looking home.

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