5 Tips for Curing Conservatory Condensation

By on 4th March in Home Inspiration

Condensation can be a problem in conservatories during winter time when temperatures are lower. The warmer air of the conservatory contains water vapour which condenses into water droplets when it comes into contact with the colder glass of the windows.

A great way to avoid condensation is to increase ventilation into the conservatory. The problem is that open windows can lead to an increased risk of burglary and rodents entering the property. Inclement weather may also enter through open windows.

Another, safer, method of curing conservatory condensation is through the use of a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers extract moisture from the air leaving the warm air with less water vapour to condensate.

Here are 5 tips for curing conservatory condensation with a dehumidifier.

1. Desiccant or Compressor Dehumidifier

Compressor dehumidifiers become less efficient at temperatures below 20c. Since conservatory temperatures are often below 20c during the night a desiccant dehumidifier would be more suitable for conservatory moisture removal.

Further advantage of desiccant dehumidifiers are that due to lack of compressor parts they are generally quieter and lighter than compressor units.

2. Auto Restart

Ensure that your dehumidifier contains an auto restart feature so that your dehumidifier will restart in the setting that it was left in if a power cut turns it off.


3. Continuous Drainage Facility

If your dehumidifier operates from evening to early morning the water tank might fill up which turns the dehumidifier off.

A continuous drainage facility allows you to attach a hose to a dehumidifier which lets the water bypass the water tank and empty into a drain or sink. This way the dehumidifier can run all night without being turned off due to the water tank being full.

4. Timer function

A recent innovation in the dehumidifier market now allows users to set their dehumidifier to come on at some point in the future. Prior to this innovation timers had to be turned on manually before turning off automatically.

This new feature is ideal if you want to start your dehumidifier after you have gone to bed. By starting your dehumidifier later you will also save on electricity costs.

Anglian conservatory with Laura Ashley Oriental Garden decorative glass

5. Energy-Saving Features

The best dehumidifiers contain a great energy-saving feature by either toggling into ‘fan mode’ or going into ‘fan off mode’ once the humidity has reached the set level.

Once the humidity rises the dehumidifier will automatically toggle into the best setting to bring the humidity back down to the set level before toggling into its lowest setting again.

Meaco calls this feature Control Logic while EcoAir calls it E7 Technology. Either way this feature will save you a lot of electricity costs over the medium and longer terms.

The Best Dehumidifier

It goes without saying that choosing the best dehumidifier for the job is essential. The above 5 tips should arm you with all the knowledge for curing conservatory condensation.

Have you previously used a dehumidifier in the fight against conservatory conservation? If so let us know how you got on in the comments below.

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