Would You Customise Your Home Improvements?

By on 2nd September in Garden, Our Company News

I came across this article today about how having bespoke goods is increasing in popularity with companies such as Nike, Converse, Zazzle or even moonpig.com where you personalise each item to however you want it!

It is a growing trend for everybody to look as unique as possible by having crazy hair, wicked dress sense or even just a necklace with your name on it. I myself have been part of this movement buying cards with a photo of friends on it, creating my own individual Nike trainers and getting my girlfriend a silver necklace with her nickname on it.

The fashion industry has always had a control over how everybody looks and what we buy; they envision the look and you could buy it. However, things have now changed and most things in the fashion industry can be tinkered with in some way. By creating something unique you are making the brands fit your style, not the other way around. It screams out your personality, telling stories, adding colours and making you feel comfortable.

Personalisation can be done to pretty much anything nowadays, but would we want to create our own unique conservatory, door and window designs? Surely there is only so far we can go?

Being a home improvement company how could we personalise your purchases? Each job we do is already unique to you. It is made to order in the factory, with each measurement and pane of glass made especially for your home.

At Anglian Home Improvements we do have other ways to personalise your items to make them bespoke to your home and add that spark, inspiration and personality too. Anglian’s Decorative Glass is a special way to make add colour and an extra bit of life to your home. We can do pretty much any design for you in a variety of colours and patterns. They are all handcrafted by our glass experts to give it a little bit more personality behind the creative design.

What other ways could you personalise your home improvements though? I don’t think there are too many ways to create a unique conservatory, each is very similar, but you can incorporate different concepts of a conservatory to create unique areas of your home. For example, we have built a conservatory with a fully fitted kitchen within it! Sounds strange because the whole structure is made from big glass panes, but with careful planning and intelligent installers it was accomplished. Take a look and tell me what you think? I love it!

Conservatory Kitchen

We have also created a gorgeous conservatory as an office for one family. However, it is not just a normal office; it serves another purpose as it joins the office to an annex. Anglian created a beautifully crafted, light and bright walkway leading to the annex, so guests no longer had to walk outside to get to the main house.

Conservatory link

As Stefan Siegal states in the article, “…the future of fashion is individuality” and I couldn’t agree more. We always want ourselves, our cars and even our homes to look their best, so having something unique to you, something that stands you out from the crowd, means we are only going to create more and more personalised products.

Although not everything you dream of is possible, it is worth asking, because if you don’t ask, you don’t get. As time changes and technology improves, I don’t think it will be that long before we are projecting a holographic image onto the side of your house to show you what different types of conservatories will look like.

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