Worry For Brits as Big Freeze Approaches Struggling Households

By on 10th October in Our Company News

Anglian Home Improvements commissioned a YouGov poll, asking people when they will be turning their heating on, and how they are going to stay warm this winter.

Over a 5th of the UK population will not be turning their heating on until at least November, even though the cold front is predicted to hit us in October. Snow is also expected to hit some parts of the country! It seems strange to be talking about snow after last week’s heat wave.

Surprisingly 3 of people will leave the heating off all the way into December, 18 hold off until November and 36 will flick the heating on in October. 32 have been precautious and already switched their heating on.

Of those who will be switching their heating on this winter, more 51 are doing it later this year compared to last year, all thanks to the rise in energy costs!

Melanie McDonald, Head of Marketing and Communications at Anglian Home Improvements said, “Rising energy prices are making millions of households in the country switch their heating on later this year, compared to last.”

“And of those planning on switching the heating on later this year to save money, around 90 will wear warmer clothing, nearly 60 will use more blankets and just over a third will use hot water bottles to keep warm,” she continued.

“But if you’re still feeling the chill it could be because your home isn’t retaining heat. Installing energy efficient doors and windows or loft insulation can dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency and help keep the wolf from the door a little longer – without having to crank up the heating.”

Anglian’s EcoGain windows are proven to make your home more energy efficient! By doing this they can help you save hundreds of pounds on your energy bills each year, easing the stress out of winter.

Here are some other hot stats from Anglian’s EcoHome poll:
•    Energizers – 33 of Brits are doing more around the home this year, compared to last year, to save energy
•    Frugal Brits – 89 of those who are doing more to save energy this year compared to last year are doing so mainly because of rising energy costs and the rising standard of living
•    Ecowarriors – Only 10 say they are doing more to save energy because they are mainly concerned about the environment
•    Window of opportunity – 86 of adults say energy efficient doors and windows are fairly or very good at saving money on household energy bills
•    Yet…only 42 of households say they have them in their home

Here are some of the biggest energy wasting crimes

•    TV addicts – 37 admit to ever leaving their TV on standby overnight
•    Glowing stat – 36 admit to ever leaving their lights on when not in the room
•    Money out of the window – 11 admit to ever leaving their windows and doors open when the heating’s on

Try not to do these and you can save yourself money. If you want to learn more about Anglian’s EcoHome offer click here.

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