Why Don’t We Sell Self-Cleaning Glass?

By on 14th August in Guides, Our Company News

A lot of you may ask why we don’t sell self-cleaning glass in¬†Anglian windows or conservatories when we are the market leaders? Well the answer is simple – there is not yet a quality standard to measure it against.

Self-cleaning glass needs both daylight to activate the coating and flowing rainfall to wash off the dirt effectively. However, windows are often sheltered by lintels, arches and overhanging eaves, furthermore they would only get a thorough washing-down if struck by horizontal driving rain. Without a hurricane, this is not going to happen. Even if a hurricane should happen, it does mean that only one side of the house is likely to be struck by this horizontal rain, leaving the opposite side or the house unwashed.

These conditions are out of our control and will vary from installation to installation and even window to window. As the industry experts we do not want to install a product that we are not sure can fulfil its purpose. We would much rather give you a quality window that saved you money through great energy efficiency rather than you paying extra for a product feature that in reality, simply cannot deliver.

Anglian's EcoGain Windows

Although it can be a pain to clean windows, here are some do’s and don’ts to make your life a little easier.

Do – use clean, warm soapy water to wash the outside of your windows and uPVC. Washing up liquid is fine. Use a clean, soft cloth to dry. We recommend you do this every 2 months or so.

Do – always ensure that the drainage slots are kept unblocked and free from dirt and spider webs.

Do – keep the small gap between your sill and window on the outside clear of any dirt to allow for drainage.

Do not – use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads to clean the uPVC or window.

Do not – use any type of harsh cleaning agents such as white spirit, WD40, automotive dashboard wipes, acids, brick wash solutions or alkalis.

Do not – use high pressure or steam cleaners.

Do not – use excessive pressure when cleaning the uPVC or window pane.

Our final handy hint – use newspaper to dry the window. This leaves an invisible film that helps prevent the build up of dirt.

After numerous requests by our customers for the same cleaning equipment that our installers use, we have created a handy bag to help you keep your windows and doors as clean and as in good working order as the day they were fitted. The Anglian cleaning kit contains glass cleaner, uPVC cleaner, lubricant and a set of Allen keys and a screwdriver. This great bit of kit only costs £10.99 (including postage & packaging). To order your own Anglian cleaning kit ring 0800 988 9398

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