Why an increase in demand for Solar panels?


With the globe pushing to reduce the carbon emissions it comes as no surprise that the demand for solar panels is increasing. One website has discovered numerous reason as to why.

Optics.org, has discovered that as solar panels are now cheaper and easier to buy, they are more readily available to the all social classes rather than just the upper class, more wealthy people.

Solar panels are also now more aesthetic, making a house look more modern, which wasn’t necessarily the situation a few years ago.

Not only that, the governments feed-in-tariff, in which you get paid for supplying energy back into the national grid, has given people more reason to go green. And its not just the UK that has a feed-in-tariff, green fever has spread with France, Canada and a few other EU countries introducing these benefits to their population.

Even President Obama is attempting to do his bit, by having solar panels installed on the White House, showing how he likes to lead by example for his fellow Americans. He will have Photovoltaic and Thermal solar panels installed, meaning he is heating his own water, and supplying electricity to the monumental building.

     White House

White House to have Solar Panels Installed

This comes after it was announced that Prince Charles was installing solar panels on the roof of Clarence House. Nice to see Royalty and Presidents doing their bit to help the earth.

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