“We’ve scrapped cars now lets scrap some windows” say Scottish Building Federation.

By on 15th September in Garden, Our Company News

The Car scrappage scheme was introduced by the government to both stimulate a failing market but also as an ‘eco-friendly’ push in getting older and more polluting cars off our roads. Should the same scheme apply to double glazing? Yes, according to one expert.

Expert UPVC widows should get backing

Michael Levack, chief executive of the Scottish Building Federation, made the comments in an open letter to the Scottish government and added that introducing incentives would have a positive effect on the environment.

He stated: “Home improvement incentives would also have major environmental benefits, greening this country’s 25 million homes with insulation, double glazing and other energy-saving measures.”

The chief executive added that although car manufacturing brings £10 billion to the UK’s economy, the home improvement industry contributes just as much and should receive similar support.

Supporting the UK economy is only one benefit of purchasing UPVC windows, as adding the home improvement can also help property owners to make their house seem more attractive to potential buyers who may be impressed with the eco-friendly investment.

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