Valentine’s Incentive – Story 8

By on 8th February in Our Company News

My valentine’s story,

I had been with my partner for sometime and decided that the next step should be proposal as she was the one, we had brought marriage up a number of times and I took this as a hint.

I was however, unsure how to do this to get the desired result, having given it considerable thought I decided to do it on Valentine’s day I went out and brought a ring.

Unfortunately with it being a week day I decided that I would treat us to a nice romantic evening meal etc at home rather than to go out. At some point I would muster up the courage to ask the question, as time grew closer my organisational skills really came into play and having not got anything in for this lovely meal, I decided that I would get in her favourite tea (KFC).

Anyway I dropped her at home so that she could start to relax after a hectic day at work and I went off to get the infamous KFC meal. The drive there and back was atrocious, the thought of being rejected kept running through my mind and turned my normal confident self into a bag of nerves (and this is where things took a turn for the worse).

On the way home I could not decide how I was going to pop the question, so in my infinite wisdom I decided to place the ring box into the top of the KFC bucket with the anticipation that she would be swept off her feet!!!

When I arrived home, I was literally shaking, I walked in placed the food in the kitchen, and asked her to dish up hoping that the surprise element would be amazing, to which I went to the toilet only to hear ‘what on earth is this’. Extremely embarrassed I went to the kitchen to see her holding the ring box questioning as to what it was, to which I went down on one knee and asked her to marry me. (fortunately she did say yes)

In hindsight it could have gone better and the moral of this story is to not rely on a greasy box of thigh and breast to make everything perfect!

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