Valentine’s Day Incentive!

By on 4th February in Our Company News

Love is in the air

So it’s that time of year again, where everything seems to be happy, affectionate and the bird’s songs are a little cuter.

Or if you are single it’s the most sickly time of year where you hate everybody who is “in love” and you need a bucket when you’re walking round the city centre.

Well, we are going to run an incentive for everybody here (who wants to take part) which only involves you telling us your funniest, most embarrassing or loveliest Valentine’s Day story you or a friend experienced. It will be kept completely anonymous, no names will be mentioned (you can even have an alias if you prefer).

What’s in it for me, you say to yourself? For an amazing Valentine’s gift, which you can either give to your partner or just keep yourself! Either way it’s one to enjoy 😉

If you want to take part then email me ([email protected]) your stories, the more the better, with the winner being voted for on the blog from Friday 11th Feb until the 14th. The winner will be announced at 3pm Monday 14th of Feb!!

As I receive your stories I shall start putting them on the blog for people to read, then Friday 11th I will put up the poll for you to vote for your favourite. The first story will go live on Monday 7th!!

Get writing folks, and get in the moooood! 😉

This is the prize you could win!!!!!


Worth £50! So come on guys getting writing over the weekend!

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