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By on 23rd February in Our Company News

At Anglian we offer top quality solar panels in the¬†photovoltaic range, but what’s the difference between photovoltaic and solar thermal you ask?

Well, Solar Thermal panels are put onto your roof and attached to your hot water tank, which heats the water using the powerful UV rays from the sun. A liquid is pumped through separate pipes from your hot water tank into the solar panel, where it heats up. This heated liquid is then pumped back into your hot water tank thus heating the water in your tank to be used in every day use.

Solar thermal

So, solar thermal panels heat your water, but what about photovoltaic solar panels? Photovoltaic panels supply your house with electricity by farming the suns energy and converting it into electricity. This electricity generated can then be used in your house and if you supply more than you use, it will be put back into the National grid.

Now, apart from the advantage of having cheaper electricity, depending on how many photovoltaic panels you have installed will determine how much energy you make, and if you have a few you could potentially have free electricity or even better earn money by generating more than you use, all thanks to the governments feed-in-tariff.

Photovoltaic panels

The feed-in-tariff pays you for every kW of electricity you supply back to the grid, which over the course of a year could work out to be a tidy little sum. Not only could you earn money, but you will definitely lower your carbon footprint giving younger generations a platform to step up to and pursue further.

Ok these are just the basics to solar panels so why should you choose Anglian?

At Anglian we strive to raise the standards of all of our products and although we are not offering a product that is hugely different to others out there, we offer a superb service from start to finish. You have nothing to worry about as Anglian will sort out the planning and installation, offering you advice along the way and making you feel happy and comfortable throughout the installation.

We even have our own iPhone app, that uses the sensors in your iPhone to find the orientation  and pitch of your roof, as well as your current location to determine how efficient your solar panels will be when installed on your roof. If you want to download this app it is called Anglian Solar and worth downloading just to give you a rough idea on how worthwhile a solar installation can be!

*Anglian Home Improvements no longer offer solar panels as part of our product range.

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