Success for Hamlet Centre Trust Auction!

By on 19th November in Our Company News

After speaking to Julia Snow, who helped organise the auction at the Trafford Arms pub in Norwich last Saturday, she was pleased to say that auction went rather well.

Julia Snow at Hamlet Centre Auction

“The auction didn’t go badly at all, all items were sold (apart from a rather odd Thames barge model in a box – that needs a true aficionado to want that….), and the total was £1200 raised for our St Raphael Club refurbishment campaign. The auctioneer was very professional and funny, so there was a lot of laughter. I was expecting a bit more of a crowd, given that the Trafford Arms is a big pub and has a large amount of regulars. The pub was full, don’t get me wrong, but the buying seemed to be coming from a smallish group of individuals at one end of the pub rather than from the whole crowd.

Bidders went home with Golf, Football, Rugby and Racing items – and art lovers indulged their taste with paintings and ceramics. An aquarium was bought by a young couple who confessed rather romantically that “this will be our first pet together.”

“Thanks to everyone who donated goods or attended on the evening- and of course to Chris for providing the venue and the auctioneer!”

To find out more about the Hamlet Centre and their cause feel free to click here.

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