Spring Clean Your Windows and Let the Sun Shine In

By on 29th March in Garden, Our Company News

As spring appears to have arrived and thoughts of flinging open your windows are now here, why not get those windows really looking like new again?

Your windows will look better after a good clean and will feel as if they let in more light. Cleaning your glass regularly, on the inside and outside is great exercise and you will certainly be exhausted after all that bending and stretching.

According to Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management on AUTUMNAL COMPLAINTS. “…there seems no surer or better means than cleanliness, sobriety, and judicious ventilation.  Where there is dirt, that is the place for disease; where windows and doors are kept most jealously shut, the disease will find easiest entrance; Cleanliness, sobriety, and free ventilation almost always defy the pestilence;

Cleaning your windows to let spring in


From my own experiences, it’s a good idea to clean your windows and doors on a cloudy day.  Direct sunlight dries the cleaning solutions streaky on your windows before you have had a chance to polish dry the glass.

• First of all get all of your tools and cleaning materials together to avoid starting the job and then realizing that you are missing items of cleaning equipment, i.e. bucket, water, detergent, sponge, cleaning and drying cloths and newspaper which is optional.

• Fill a bucket with warm water and add a small amount of the detergent of your choice.  Remember that sometimes the chemicals in the detergents can be harmful to UPVC, Woodwork and Aluminum frames, so always check the instructions and cautions before you drip on the windowsill.

• Remove any excess cobwebs, dust or dirt from the inside and outside of the windows with an old brush, broom or cloth.

• You may need to use a garden hose and a brush or a cloth for those suborn marks that just will not wipe away.  Use a soft toothbrush or cotton bud/swab to clean the corners of your windows.

• Clean the window frames thoroughly with a soaked sponge.

• Soak your sponge in the bucket filled with water and detergent, you can start cleaning your windows.  Wash windows from the top down to the bottom to prevent drips.

• Try following one of these suggested methods of cleaning, or you may have another style that suits you better

• a) Start on the upper-left side of the window and make an s-shape downwards until you reach the bottom-right corner of the window.   If you are left handed you may find it easier to start on the upper-right side of the window and then follow the s-shape downwards.

• b) Start cleaning the window from the upper-left corner and drag the sponge straight down.  Use a chamois or a dry rag to remove any excess water from the squeegee and start cleaning the next line until you reach the right side of the Window. Wash windows from the top down to prevent drips.

• Make sure that you rinse one window at a time, so that water spots do not dry on the windows.

• Finally to give your windows that extra shine, polish with a well washed cotton t-shirt or a newspaper.  The newspaper will leave a film on the window that is resistant to dirt.

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