Solar Panels In The Snow

By on 7th February in Our Company News

After driving through our snow covered countryside this morning on the way into work, I noticed a number of snowed up Solar panels.

I started to wonder how many people would try and clear the snow off to hopefully take advantage of any sun that may shine …….even though they are located on the roof!

So I asked Caroline our Product Manager what should or should not be done…

“At Anglian Home Improvements we don’t recommend any attempts at removing the snow, other than to allow it to melt and slide off when the temperature rises again.

The panels are never installed on a flat roof, so they will always have a tendency to allow any build up to clear, we would not recommend trying to brush or hose snow off them for risk of damaging the panels or the roof.  If there is enough sunshine, the snow will soon melt away and leave the panels clear of snow.

As the panels are smoother than the normal roof surface, please be aware that when the snow is melting, a large amount of snow could slide off at any given time and may not be caught by the gutter – so don’t stand below it as the temperature rises……if not you could look like a snowman!

Caroline added that the roof brackets and mounting systems have all been designed and installed to allow for any anticipated snow loading, and that the installation is perfectly weather proof: snow, ice and rain will have no effect on the stability of the array.  The array will not generate much power when covered by snow but it will clear itself quite quickly when the sun comes out.

So a little advice to all you lucky solar panel owners……”Stay off the roof, keep yourselves safe and warm and leave the panels to look after themselves!”

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