Sally Gunnell’s October Blog

By on 19th October in Our Company News

Olympic heroine, Sally Gunnell has sent us this blog about what she has planned and what she has been up to for October.

The pace of life just keeps hotting up at the moment.  I find myself running from one job to another.  Literally running at times!  But it’s great, because most of the fast pace is to do with Olympic fever.  Everybody is getting very excited by the Games, which are now only about 9 months away.

It’s interesting to see how different organisations relate to the Olympics.  Some inspire their staff by setting Olympic style challenges for their people; work projects and new initiatives are linked in to the Games in some way.  Others go for the health and well-being approach, encouraging their people to get more active.  Some are even offering sales teams the chance to be there for the big events – all they have to do is come top of the sales pile!  For me, it’s just a pleasure to see people getting behind 2012 and enjoying it all; especially at the moment, when good news is a little bit hard to find.

I’m off to the British Olympic Association Ball soon.  It’s a huge, huge event in Olympia, designed to raise money for athletes.  For once, I’ll just be in the audience and will be able to catch up with all my old athletics mates.  I do love a glass of wine and a gossip with all the other oldies!  I’m particularly excited this year, because one of my chums told me that Tom Jones might be singing a few numbers.  My hubby Jon has already said that it’s probably not OK for an ex-Olympian to chuck her knickers at him, so I might have to leave that to others…

I went to the Pride of Britain Awards last week.  Now sometimes when I speak, people tell me that I must have had amazing mental strength to become a winner.  That might be true, but I tell you what, it’s nothing compared to the bravery and commitment that these people show.  Every year I sit there and listen to their stories of terror and hardship.  And every year I realize that the difference between those guys and me is that I chose to put myself through it for the chance of glory.  They get thrown in to a situation and they get on with it, or they don’t survive.  To say it puts things in perspective would be an understatement.

Part of the deal with the Pride of Britain is that “celebs” have to walk down the Red Carpet on the way in.  I don’t really think of myself as a celeb, but there I was, on the Carpet, with 150 photographers snapping away.  I’ll never get used to it, but you know what?  I’ve got an ally!  Cheryl Cole tweeted about it the other day and said the same thing; she finds it hard.  If she can’t handle it, then there’s no way I’ll ever be able to!

I hope you’ve all been able to enjoy the last of the good weather.  To be honest, it’s a tough time of year.  I have to drag myself out for my runs.  The only thing that keeps me going in the cold is the knowledge that next year’s running and cycling events will hurt more if I don’t keep in shape.  On that note, I’m off for a quick 4 miler with the dogs…

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