Remember, Remember The End Of Movember

By on 30th November in Our Company News

19 men, 30 whole days of hairiness, 19 ridiculously funny moustaches, £2,283 raised all for Men’s Health!

Although you can’t escape the negativity about the global economy at the minute, everybody from the Anglian Home Improvements Mo Bro’s would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated. As a group we are proud to say we raised over £2,000 all from growing a little bit of facial hair, but I assure you it is not that easy. As a member of the team I have found it a moustache nightmare of itchiness. You don’t realise how awkward a moustache is, to kiss somebody, to drink or to eat without it getting in the way.

The 19 members of the team have all done ‘mo’velous, but the 3 people who raised the most money were; 3rd place – (Captain) Phil Perriton, 2nd place – Kevin Smith and the winner is – Julian Cubitt who raised £545 on his own! Here is what he had to say “I decided to participate this year because my father died of prostate cancer so I had a natural interest in men’s health and cancer research, talking to friends and colleagues it was evident that the whole issue of men’s health needed more publicity. My office colleague Richard Brownlow had made me aware via Phil that Movember had come around again and I remembered how effective a talking point it had been from last year.”

“There was no big strategy to raising the money I just talked about it as I met people and I found people were just very generous.”

Here is a group photo of the majority of the AHI Mo Bro’s, whose total donations continues to increase. If you want to donate click here.

AHI Mo Bro's

Ian Major

John Cottee

Tonight will see 19 men go home and dust off their razors, as none of them are brave enough to do what happened a couple of years ago…watch the video and cringe!

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