Deep flow guttering as standard with Anglian

By on 26th February in Product & Promotions

Anglian Rooftrim

In the last 10 years we’ve had two of the wettest years on record and sadly, the forecast for the next 70 years predicts things are going to get wetter! These conditions could really take their toll on a home’s exterior. That’s why we’ve improved our guttering to ensure our customer’s homes will be better protected than ever before.

Not only are we offering 25% off our entire roof trim range, but you also get deep flow guttering as standard!

What’s the difference?

The average flow rate in our standard guttering is 0.9 litres per second, which puts the guttering under pressure if rain fall levels continue to increase.

The new deep flow guttering has an average flow rate of 1.9 litres per second, helping your home cope with the increased rain fall and protect your home from overflowing guttering, that can damage your home.

Anglian's deep flow roof trim is now fitted as standard

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