Premier League in a Day – Everton

By on 22nd February in Our Company News

The Premier League in a Day blogs are now being published daily and following on from the teams already up, here is the next team.

We’re pleased to see the return of members from the original Aviva team that participated in the last event. We’re really glad they wanted to take part and enter this fun and rewarding event again.

We asked the Everton team managed by  David ‘Rocky’ Rochford for his thoughts on the lead up to the event:-

What is your team? Everton aka Aviva

Who is the Captain? Rocky otherwise known as David Rochford

How are you going to rotate the squad? I will avoid rotation within a game unless forced to by injury or a tactical failure. Rotation will mostly happen after a break, i.e. when we have a game ‘off’.

Who is your key player? I have two. Neil ‘Bob’ Kett-Brodie for his strength, skill and stamina and his brother Craig with more subtle, silky skills. (In honesty, difficult to choose from the squad)

Do you have tactics or a plan for the day? This time we are better prepared. We won’t have a kick about at lunchtime and we’ll cut our toenails the night before! Last time we made 11th place, this time I’m aiming for the Champions League places.

Why do you think you’ll be winners? We did well last time but are better equipped with a stronger squad and we have the experience of last time

What are the similarities between you and the real Everton? The amount we raised in sponsorship last time would have bought the entire Everton squad.

Do you have a mascot? Yes, it’s Mary, the manboy who played part-time for us last time (he was a ref too). He’s a bit of a meerkat based on the way he suddenly stands up in the office and slowly looks around before moving off, and a part-time Smurf based on his love of purple jumpers.

The Everton team from the last eventImage from 2010


Make sure you show your support to the people participating and donate to this wonderful cause by going to our Sport Relief donation page.

Good Luck to you all for the great day!

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