Popstar to Operastar UNCOVERED! Blog 5 of 8


We are over halfway and welcome to the fifth of eight PopStars to Opera Stars UNCOVERED blogs by Anglian. Today the Blog Team will give you an insight into the life of and the music sung by the 4th contestant on ITV’s Popstar to Operastar show.

Name: Darius Campbell

The Facts

Born Darius Danesh, 19 August 1980 in Scotland is a Scottish (Half Iranian) platinum selling recording artist / songwriter and stage actor.

His ticket to fame occurred in 2002 when he came third in ITV’s Pop Idol. His first single “Colourblind” entered the UK chart at number one followed by his debut album which went platinum. Lately Darius has been working in the West End and play Billy Flynn in the musical Chicago

As the video shows Darius already hits the high-notes therefore perhaps he will be the peoples favourite? We all know what added pressure that could bring!
If Darius is your favourite please send us a message on the blog and let us know why you think he can win.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for edition 6 of 8 in Anglian’s Popstar to Operastar UNCOVERED tomorrow when we give you the low down on another contestant.

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