Philippa Forrester stars in Sunday’s primetime nature show


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This is one for your diaries. For a very unique insight into natures seasonal challenges, Halcyon River Diaries follows the life and struggles of three birds, the kingfisher, dipper and moorhen. Over the series you see how they adapt, become challenged and grow within a difficult season. Tune in at 7pm, BBC 1 on Sunday evenings to see all the latest developments.


Presenter of the programme is Philippa Forrester and her family monitor the birds activity but Philippa also makes plans to protect the vulnerable water vole population within the area.

Philippa Forrester  has also been working with Anglian on some exciting  projects about saving energy and helping improve homes efficiency therefore cutting your homes impact on the environment. The latest project, recently reported on the Blog was “390 photovoltaic panels of Solar heaven!” written by guest Blogger Clint Randall.

Halcyon River Diaries has been a massive success so far and capturing the imagination of over 4 million viewers. If you’ve missed any of the previous programmes no need to worry. I have become a big fan of the BBC i-player and you can watch the last episode here.

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