Outdoor Kitchens And Anglian Home Improvements New Stand Alone Verandas

By on 20th April in Garden, Our Company News

First we give you the full range of colours in our Conservatory Verandas, now we are pleased to announce we are offering you Stand Alone Verandas.

These Verandas should have 3 or more open sides, connecting to the side of your house, your conservatory or a solid brick wall, giving you a vast amount of fresh air, open space and shelter.

The Conservatory Veranda was praised as the “Saviour of Summer”, and since its success Anglian has been offering you a superb outdoor area to hold BBQ’s, dinner parties or just have a relaxing area to enjoy the garden, under a stylish Veranda combined with your new conservatory.

In America, Australia and other countries with warmer climates they have taken outdoor living to a greater extreme and already have Outdoor Kitchens, but due to their better and more reliable weather they don’t require protection from the damp British climate, so what better solution than to have an outdoor kitchen, built under a veranda.

These outdoor kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and in many different styles, blending in effortlessly with your home. These look luxurious and make a superb outdoor dining area, creating a new ‘room’ to your home that will definitely be the envy of all your neighbours. Although you are probably thinking, ‘these will only look good in a Californian garden attached to Brad Pitt’s house’, but they are one home improvement that could become more mainstream in Great Britain; especially if you are protected from the elements under a Veranda. To plan your next BBQ you no longer have to pray, cross your fingers or touch wood for a sunny day, as even if it is raining, the veranda will keep you and your guests dry.

Have a look at some of my favourite outdoor kitchen designs, which I think would look stunning under your veranda!

Kitchen with a viewImage sourced appliancist.com

Not only is this a magnificent view, but the kitchen is beautiful too. Finished with Tuscany style worktops and terracotta fittings, combined with the stainless steel grill, fridge, freezer and sink, this outdoor kitchen is an exotic paradise to cook some delicious Mediterranean dishes. I imagine grilled fresh fish on a bed of salad would be the trademark meal of this kitchen.

Luxury outdoor kitchenImage sourced phaseonelandscapes.com

I think this kitchen is a lovely design, effortlessly linking the stainless steel into the colourful brickwork. Complete with a hob, an oven, a fridge, a grill and even the kitchen sink, this gorgeous kitchen would look great on the back of many homes.

Outdoor kitchen complete with chimneyImage sourced kitchendpi.com

And finally, this outdoor kitchen, which I think is my favourite! The rustic wooden doors with black hinges, added to the incredibly glamorous chimney and oven, completed with a grill and marble worktops. It is safe to say this kitchen is one to be proud of!

The only downfall of all of these kitchens, should you want one in the UK, is the lack of shelter! Obviously, these are built in places with a much warmer climate than the UK, but with an Anglian Stand Alone Veranda, your kitchen area could be beautifully covered, creating a cosy, unique area to wine and dine your guests. I have always enjoyed wrapping up warm and having my Christmas meal cooked on the BBQ for a smoky flavour, so having the meal outside with a few heaters around you would make a Christmas dinner to remember.

However, you don’t have to install a kitchen to enjoy your Stand Alone Veranda. If you are like me and enjoy watching a thunder storm, this would be the perfect area to view the might of Mother Nature and stay dry! Come rain or shine you have the perfect area to enjoy the garden.
How would you use your Stand Alone Veranda? What do you think about the Outdoor Kitchens? Why not share your ideas with us using the comment panel below?

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