Livability Unique Second Floor Conservatory Grand Opening

By on 23rd September in Our Company News

Some of you may have seen last year that we were building a conservatory specially made for the second floor of John Grooms Court, Norwich for the charity Livability. I went along Thursday to see the opening of this unique conservatory and see how it has changed not only the building, but the lives of the disabled residents.

Livability is a charity that creates opportunities for disabled people and brings life to communities. John Grooms Court is a residential home, providing all round aid for the people living there, as well as having educational and fun activities every day.

The building was in need of some renovation to extend and enhance the residential facilities and to offer more choice, quality and independence to young disabled adults in Norfolk. Thanks to the generosity of the local and national donors, the campaign Livability ran raised an astonishing £700,000 to carry out the updates to the building, including a lovely new conservatory on the second floor.

ITN Political Editor and journalist, Michael Brunson OBE made a speech on arrival; as a member of the campaign committee he thanked everybody from the workers who do a wonderful job at John Grooms Court, to the people who have donated and made their ambitious plans possible. Since the renovation of this building, the positive, inviting ambiance was present and there wasn’t a single face without a smile.

We were all given a tour of the second floor which has seen a new lift installed, a balcony area opened, a conservatory built and all of the rooms updated with new furniture and technology to make the residents lives easier. Our tour guide Matthew, a team leader at Livability, said how lovely the new rooms were and that he “wouldn’t mind one for himself” as they are that desirable. I must admit, all of the rooms were very spacious, ensuring accessibility for wheelchair users as well as being modern, simplistic and open to changes to suit each individual living in the room.

Livability Newly renovated rooms

The second floor isn’t currently open to the residents as health and safety tests are still being done, but are in the final stages. Once complete, fire checks will be finished and the lovely people of Livability can move in, giving them independence to live how they want to live, but with the support should they need it. As a charity they want to do as much as they can to help their community and try not to turn anyone away; they try to accommodate everyone’s needs.

We wandered up to the conservatory and it looks truly stunning! With a bright blue sky above, this light, airy room is the perfect place for the Livability workers and residents to relax in. Dan, one of the residents, was thrilled with the new conservatory saying it had given all of the residents a new lease of life. Take a look at these photos and tell us what you think of the conservatory.

Livability's Anglian Conservatory from the outside

Livability Conservatory tilt and turn windows

Livability's Anglian Conservatory from the inside

Livability Conservatory roof