Graduate unemployment soars but Anglian offers a window of opportunity


Recently the United Kingdom has seen a dramatic increase in unemployment across all industries. The latest figures show a staggering 2.38 million people without work which is a ten year high. With the country in recession opportunities for employment is limited, especially for graduates who have been particularly affected. 

The TUC General Secretary Brendan Barbara said recently “It’s particularly worrying that over half a million unemployed people have been out of work for at least a year, including 133,000 young people.” Source BBC

graduate program

Anglian Home Improvement believes in investing today for a better tomorrow therefore are please to announce a new Graduate Program for the company. This is a National Human Resource initiative from Anglian to train and develop Managers for the future in varying disciplines. Martin Troughton Marketing Director said “we are delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to Graduates during a time of economic slow down. Anglian is performing very well and we believe that it’s important to nurture and train the talent of the future today so Anglian continues to grow and flourish in the future”.

For information on Anglian’s Graduate Program please click here.

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