Get Out The Green It’s St Patrick’s Day!

Are we all wearing green today?

Well we should as it is the internationally celebrated holiday of St Patrick, the most recognisable patron saint.

The holiday which has been celebrated since the early 17th century and has gradually become a celebration of Irish culture and inextricably linked with Guinness. Globally there will be 13 million pints of Guinness drunk in celebration, 5 million being drunk in the UK, with the drinking going on all weekend especially as it is the Six Nations Rugby, England vs Ireland!

Guinness with Shamrock in middle

I didn’t realise until I did a little research that the colour first associated with St Patrick was actually blue, but it wasn’t until St Patrick started using shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish that it changed to green. This has now lead to St Paddy’s day being a green day and pubs reaping the benefits of the much celebrated holiday.

Pubs across the country will not only be offering the rugby match and Guinness, but other special Irish classics such as whiskey, Irish stews and a steak and Guinness pie, yum!

Continuing the green talk, Scotland is introducing tidal power on the west coast, installing 10 1MW turbines in the Sound of Islay, a small channel between two whiskey producing islands.

These under water turbines will be providing electricity 23 hours a day for the islanders, also powering 8 whiskey distilleries and maltings! Now that’s getting the most out of eco-friendly energy. J

What are you doing for St Patrick’s day? Is everyone in your office wearing green, or are all the mums in the playground in green?

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