Fun at the Four Seasons and Tension at the World Championships – Sally Gunnell Guest Blog

By on 14th October in Our Company News

Here is the last instalment from Sally Gunnell.

This year’s summer holiday was a mixture of business and pleasure.  I was doing some filming with Royal Caribbean Cruises, who invited my family to come along and spend a few days aboard one of their ships.  I’ve never cruised before and it was amazing!  I had no idea that modern ships had such facilities.  The gym was superb and there was even a running track on one deck, so I was able to enjoy some exercise in very different surroundings from normal.  I honestly felt like I wanted to put some effort in, just because I was bobbing about in the Med!

Just as well that I did do some holiday running, because the Monster Challenge is this weekend.  I’ll be off up to Inverness to spend several hours running and biking my way around Loch Ness.  This is my second time at this event.  It’s hard to tell you how much of a laugh it is to do something like this with your friends.  I really enjoy the banter before and afterwards.  And of course it’s great to be involved in a competitive event with so many other teams; we’ll never win, but we’ll enjoy having a go at it.  The post-event glass of white wine is one of the most fantastic experiences of my year; I’ll have earned it and will savour every drop!

I don’t know if any of you have managed to catch any of the Athletics World Championships in Korea.  As you might expect, it’s been on our TV pretty well solidly.  The word on the street seems to be disappointment that our big names haven’t won Gold.  But I reckon that Jess Ennis and Mo Farah, who both got Silver, will bounce back next year, when it really counts.  It’s so hard to win a World Gold, then come back and win the Olympics.  In a funny way, by coming second in the Worlds it’ll bring more focus and discipline to their winter preparations.  I believe in the old saying that we learn more from our failures than from our successes.

I failed to take my chance to win at the Worlds in 1991.  That following winter, I worked so hard on my physical strength, my nutrition, my race plan, my technique…I went in to the smallest detail so that I could squeeze every tiny percentage out of myself.  Winning Olympic Gold in 1992 was a direct result of all that effort.  So Mo, Jess and the others can certainly do it, too.  I can’t wait to see how it all goes.

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