Energy Savings Week – Tip 2

I hope yesterdays blog was a useful one, but its now time for tip number 2.

Get a Home Energy Check. (

What is a Home Energy Check?

Well, by following a few simple steps answering questions about your home, to see how energy efficient your home is, and any changes you can make to it. You are asked questions relating to your house, such as the type of walls, insulation, double glazing and the amount of energy efficient light bulbs that are installed. It takes 5 minutes to do, and gives you a reading of your homes energy rating. You then get your results via email or post. I did the Home Energy Check on my house, to see how effective a reading it gave.

Now as I recently moved in, I know my house is a grade C for its energy efficiency, which is quite good, so I was intrigued to see how it would suggest I improve my home.

Here’s the results;

My house energy rating

Now it has given me the correct rating for my house, and given me what it could potentially be too. Quite handy to know my house can be improved.

It then gave me their estimated running costs of my house, and estimated CO2 emissions.
My house estimated running costs

Now here it is stating that I could potentially save £24 a year, reducing my carbon dioxide emissions by 0.2, which doesn’t sound a massive amount, but my house is relatively energy efficient already, so there’s not many ways to improve this.

Not only do they work all this out, they even have improvement suggestions on how they think you house would be more carbon neutral.

My house energy improvement suggestions

They have suggested that I install Cavity wall insulation in my home, to reduce my carbon emissions by 0.2 tons a year. Although £24 may not seem a lot, over 10 years I will have saved £240 pounds just from the cavity wall insulation being installed. If my house was less energy efficiency then there would’ve been more savings I could make.

So there’s tip number 2 for you. Try and see how much you could save!

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