East Anglian Game And Country Fair 2011

By on 18th April in Our Company News

This weekend saw the first two days of a very busy summer season for Anglian’s county shows unit, the East Anglian Game and County Fair held at the Norfolk Showground was the destination for its first outing in its new livery. After a frantic couple of weeks getting the new designs approved and installed the transformer looked amazing, indeed just like new. It’ll be used a lot this year so a little TLC was just what was required. So to check out the reaction I decided that the show needed to be viewed, at its peak, Sunday was pencilled in for a family day out, along with a little mystery shopping, mix a little work with pleasure.

Well, after a largely dry Saturday and lots of work in the garden, we awoke to a very promising Sunday, bright blue sky and plenty sunshine, the forecast was for the possible light showers but a great start nonetheless. After packing a picnic, off we set, two young boys, one wife and myself for our first game and country fair, this could be make or break.

The queue into the show car park was a little frustrating, 20 minutes with two boys going “are we there yet,” reminded me of family outings as a kid, only 15-20mins but a lifetime if your 6 or 3 and desperate to get on the go. That energy would soon fail them as the walking began. As we left the car the weather was perfect, good crowds and the sound of clay pigeon shooting in the distance, lots of dog owners with their treasured pets, families and 4x4s (well it was to be expected).

The entrance gates were working well and we soon got through, after getting our bearings, the boys knew where they wanted to go. Straight to the fun fair, no surprises there.

Ferris Wheel

The big wheel was the obvious draw, although neither had enjoyed the experience before, they were both desperate to enjoy the pleasures. I’m sure as a child these contraptions seemed to be better made and less inclined to move in the cross wind, but I got off alive so couldn’t be that bad. Both boys thoroughly enjoyed the ride even though first time around at speed it was less obvious.

After conceding to the small people’s requirements for adrenaline the adults could enjoy a walk around, and very pleasurable it was too. Although there were large numbers of dogs and people the site was immaculate, very refreshing, minimal litter. There was plenty to see, Archery, Helicopter flights, Stands of all shapes and sizes, Food stalls, Displays and shows. Special attention was given to the animals, the Alpaca’s were a huge hit, with my youngest wanting the black one, no other reasoning given, just wanted the black one. It’s great to be three! It might have been useful to cut the lawn, but no other reason to own one (not that they were for sale), so decided it wouldn’t fit in the car anyway and didn’t buy it. He was a little upset until he saw the next stand. Children are really fickle?


On the walk up and down the stands, we came across the Anglian stand, doing reasonably brisk trade considering. It was nice to see that the new graphics were doing their job and the staff looked warm and welcoming with big smiles and great banter.

Anglian Transformer

After a little snack of strawberries and cream, one of the best stands we found, we ventured over to see the mbs team display, now I never was much of a skateboarder the first time round but these lads were amazing. They make it look so easy; the boys were amazed at the jumps and turns. Too dangerous for me I’m afraid, Landrovers are for driving over rough terrain not jumping over on a piece of plywood and four rubber wheels, its crazy but some spectacle.


By now the weather was becoming a little overcast and cold kids had coats but we didn’t and they were beginning to complain of aching legs and sore feet, 4 hours is probably enough for anyone. So off we went, back to the car. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, nice weather and a lot of fun had by all.

It was a credit to the organisers and I hope we can repeat to next year.

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